E-Flow Computer Protocol

The computer protocol is a special type of electronic document that the legislature defines as “the set of computing resources, apparatus, communication networks and procedures used for the management of documents”.


Through the introduction of the protocol, which took place from 1 January 2004, all Public Administration can log the files so they can be managed with the same procedure of paper-based practices, thus pursuing the goal of transparency and electronic document management.


The logging activities, which are held all the administrations of the State, and which is accompanied by the activity of electronic storage, is the process that certifies the origin and date of acquisition of the document, that is identified by a numeric sequence linked to chronological indication.


It allows automating the management of the Protocol:

  1. managing multiple registers Protocol;
  2. recording the incoming, outgoing and internal documents;
  3. varying data or canceling the registration in accordance with the regulations;
  4. classifying and sorting the registered documents.


  • centralization of information;
  • reducing the amount of paper to manage;
  • simplifies operating procedures.

È adatto per qualsiasi realtà che abbia l’esigenza di catalogare e classificare: documenti in entrata, documenti in uscita, documenti interni.


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