About Us

Intersistemi Group incorporates companies operating in the ICT field and it has a strong background in vertical specialization.

The experience gained in the course of the these years enabled it in the past and allows it in the present to be a leader in the ICT field, proposing to its customers – companies both public and private, medium and large, organizations both national and international – solutions and products to improve workflow and staff management.

Its business area are: applications, systems, products and services, project management, ICT business security, geomatics, health care and telemedicine, multimedia solutions, network and ICT infrastructures, market research and renewable energy.

In the vanguard of the Group, there is Intersistemi Italia SpA.

The Intersistemi Group companies currently are:

  • Intersistemi Italia SpA, operating since 1987 in the Information Technology area

  • Geosystems srl, with offices in Florence and Rome, active since 1979 in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and in the field of Geomatics.

  • CSA srl (Centre for Business Statistics),company founded in Florence in 1935; it is the first Italian company in this sector, it specializes in statistical and economic research and information.

  • Evolvo srl, specialized in information systems for Health industry

  • inMEDIA technologies srl, highly qualified in the development and integration of innovative media technologies and new forms of digital communication.

  • DDCOM srl, specialized in networking (wireless networks, optical fiber communication, structured cabling), infrastructure (infrastructure for the construction of data processing centers) and plant engineering [photovoltaic large-scale production (over 500KW) and control systems with CCTV and anti-intruder technology].

  • PRAGMA CSA srl, market researchon social media, infomobility.

  • XMARC LIMITED, first UK company in the group; international provider for enterprise spatial information systems, technology and services.

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