inmedia-atomo-itACP (Advanced Cross-media Platform) is a working framework, fully developed within the company. Projects are created on this platform.


ACP is configured as a cross-media platform characterized by a central engine represented by an expert system based on rules.



InMediatech_centro regia

The central application called “Web Regia” allows the customer managing the acquisition, correlation, customization and delivery of all types of content through the technological infrastructure of reference (new or existing) and managing geo-referenced information for the specific needs through the implementation of peripheral devices, regulating or detection.




  • ComunicaPubblico” System for personalized and geo-referenced communication at airports, terminals, stations and remittances;
  • ComunicaOn-Board” System for on-board communication on airplanes, cars, ships, buses, trams, trains;
  • ComunicaMobilità” System for traffic information in real time, through the integration of Monitor, PMV, Videowall;
  • SOI Solution”, Integrated Operations Centre, which integrates the different architectures of the operating rooms through the realization of a multimedia direction dashboard.


  • Application systems for interbank networks;
  • Application systems of Cryptography and Security;
  • Issuing application systems & E-Money;
  • Communication systems for bank branches (Multimedia Information Points for Bank Branches) .


  • “ProdottoTracciato” Solution, which allows tracking the entire process of the handling of products from inventory in stock for sale to the final customer;
  • “ComunicaOfferta” System for promotional communication to customers in sales structures: the best promotions present at that time, in that department, for that specific period of time;
  • “PubblicitàTerritoriale” System regarding the advertising content of shopping center.

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