BU DOCumentale

concorsi informatizzati

Specialized in selling of optical-reading hardware and software, BU DOCumentale offers different support services for the informatic management of competitions in central and local Public Administration and in the private field.

Intersistemi Group is able to coordinate and perform all the necessary operations to the preparation of service selection in competition mode “escalation”. 

The operating modes can be quite varied and can include only letterpress printing, with reading and evaluation of answer sheets, up to the full service including logistics, manufacturing of the set questions, security, signage, etc…

Thanks to the experiences in this field, Intersistemi Group is able to offer a variety of solutions regarding the evaluation of candidates in relation to various parameters, such as volume and time required for the performance of selective tests, from classic optical reading system to the room “multimedia” equipped with workstations with touch screen display.

The objective is to use the technology and equipment is most suitable for the activities closely related competition selections but also for all the preparatory stages (typography equipped, logistics, etc.).

budocumentale_ENINTERSISTEMI Italia SpA is able to offer specific services in the context of elective assemblies, as for example:

  • Design and print of optic forms (Fotocomposition, digital or tipographic print)
  • Optical-reading OnSite/OnCenter services (Public competitions, admission tests to university courses, quality service valuation)
  • Optical-reading outsourcing services and data-entry (both datas and images)
  • HW Maintenance of AXIOME e DATAWIN systems
  • all-inclusive services (print of forms, tests surveillance, test results analysis and pubblication)

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