Centro Statistica Aziendale

Founded in 1935 by Livio Livi, internationally renowned, statistician, economist and sociologist, Centro Statistica Aziendale (CSA) has been operating in Florence for more than seventy-five years mainly in the field of research and statistical information for public institutions, research institutes and companies

Since January 2002, CSA has become part of Intersistemi ITALY, which acquired the company unit along with a professional team already working in CSA.

The organizational structure is formed by a group of senior researchers with proven experience and ability, with specific expertise in the field of statistics, economic and structural analysis, territorial and environmental studies and social research.

The agility and versatility of the company are also the result of a network of partnerships with other consulting firms and research institutes.

Its operational references are: bank institutes, public and private organizations, private companies, research institutes.

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Centro Statistica Aziendale srl

P.IVA/CF: 05196740483

Via Atto Vannucci, 7 – 50134 Firenze

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Via D. Cimarosa, 4 – 20144 Milano

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Via dei Galla e Sidama, 23 – 00199 Roma

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