Code of Ethics

Intersistemi has adopted a “Code of Ethics”, specially prepared for the companies operating in the ICT sector. With this, we have assumed a commitment to ensure the highest level of integrity in the conduct of business.

All along, integrity and ethics characterize the way to operate of INTERSISTEMI S.p.A.

Working with these goals it is crucial to maintain our credibility and the trust of our customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our top priority is to create an environment of transparency in the conduct of business.

The Code of Business Ethics is our commitment to operate overtly and with truthfulness in our dealings and communications to the market.

Values ​​and Principles

Intersistemi Italy SpA is a company that provides services for public (Pac and Pal) and private (banking industries and services), medium and large, entities.
The Italian regulatory intervention, in particular the legislative decree n. 231 /01 on administrative liability of companies for offenses committed by their members, employees and collaborators, has made ​​essential to codify the principles of lawfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency, under which have to conformed the conduct of all persons who have to operate with Intersistemi.

Transparency, fairness, respect the business rules represent the set of distinctive values ​​that characterize the activities and relationships of Intersistemi and constitute an essential basis of any relationship with any third party. These values ​​have to consider as essential to the nature of the services offered and the processed information.


Download the code of ethics

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