DCM Handler

This module includes all the document management functions.

With it is possible to:

  • Navigating in the hierarchical structure of the modules according to the authorizations and to visualize documents.

  • Adding new documents to the inside of the hierarchical structure of the modules.

  • Adding one or more notes┬áto a document.

  • Defining an abstract of a document.

  • Carrying out the checkout and check-in of existing documents to be able to modify them.

  • Creating new versions of existing documents.

  • Creating new modules/under-modules.

  • Programming the security criteria for the modules and/or single documents.

  • Carrying out searches for classes of documents on the existing indexes.

  • Searching of all the documents through all the indexes in the system;
  • Batching capture paper documents;
  • Index scanned documents in batches;
  • Opening to external applications through Web services.


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