DCM Manager

This module contains the functions for the configuration of the documentation system.

In fact, it allows the managing of:

  • Dictionary indexes that are wished to be used in order to index documents (with the exclusion of system indexes such as the user who inserted the document, the insertion date, the modification date, the protocol data, etc). It is possible to use as an index also other external data (identifying, etc).
  • Document classes (ex. invoices, etc.) that need to be implemented. A class of default documents, containing all the basic indexes, is however always available for all the documents that the users do not want to be indexed.

  • Defining the indexes used in every class of documents.

  • Defining the automatic activation of procedural flows at the insertion of a document for a class of documents.

  • Views on the data contained in the classes of documents for giving more or less visibility in a selective manner to customers. The views can be predisposed either in columns (indexes) or in lines (predisposing specific automatic filters).

  • Configuration of the access permissions to predisposed viewings.

  • Definition of the structure of the folders in which the normal documents will be logically placed and, using eFlow CP, management of the archiving of registered documents.

  • The structure of the folders is of the hierarchical type; “n” levels are allowed. On any single folder at whichever level, it is possible to set up access criteria (reading, adding, modification, etc).

  • Managing the device of memorization of the documents.

The memorization of documents can be carried out:

  • On the inside of DB itself.

  • On the file system.

The first option creates a permanently on-line archive.

The second allows possible addressing such as:

- on-line (usable both in writing and in reading);

- near-line (usable only in reading);

- off-line.

In case of access to a present document on an off line address, the system does not visualize the document but it communicates to the customer all the necessary indications to find the document. Such information will have to be shaped into the system

An appropriate function allows moving the documents from one device to another.

It is possible to create off-line devices directly from the eFlow DCM Optical Repository module.

The system manages every type of independent document from the application that generated it with the single impediment that, to be able to be visualized and/or to be modified, the client must have installed the necessary software (Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc). This offer is not comprehensive of such software.


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