“DDGATE” monitoring system allows you to draw in real time on a geographic map the positions, the operating status, date and times of use of the vehicle, the mileage, the reports and anomalies of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices / GPRS.





  • Construction and installation of Black Box on any type of vehicle
  • Continuous tracking of the vehicles on cartographic maps
  • Monitoring the status of the vehicles
  • Integral management of the vehicles in line (adjustment period, maintenance, etc.),
  • ddgate1Alarm management in case of encroachment of the vehicle out a predetermined path
  • Management of maintenance of the vehicle
  • Communication of anomalies through the connection to the CAN BUS
  • Telematic Authorization of the enabled driver.


  • Activation of a monitoring and assistance station at the customer office
  • Administration of the services offered by our monitoring station

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