E-Flow BPM

Workflow System

eflow bpmThe module named “E-Flow BPM” enables management of process flows of the entity or company that wants to organize in a more structured way, human work related to information technologies.

The  E-Flow suite allows the Business Process Management on the ground provided in the methodological model PDCA, where:

-  PLAN corresponds to the modeling phase of Business Process;

-  DO corresponds to the automation of process activities and users activities management;

-  CHECK corresponds to the monitoring/management process, allowing an easy verification of the Flow followed by activities still in progress and/or closed;

-  ACT corresponds to the analysis/optimization Process, allowing the reengineering of processes on the ground of what resulted in the check phase.


This application is divided in several sub-modules:

E-Flow Designer Graphical tool for the design and configuration of business processes;

E-Flow Handler – Module for management practices;

E-Flow Analyzer Module for flow analysis;

E-Flow SLA Manager Central management module.


centralization of information;

increased productivity throughout the entire organization;

better quality of work.


By integrating the solution with E-Flow DCM it will be possible to manage all the documents required throughout the life cycle of a process.



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