E-Flow DCM

“E-Flow DCM ” module of E-Flow suite is characterized as a flexible and reliable way to manage the assets of a company document, and allows making more available and quickly accessible paper or electronic documents.

In addition, it is possible to expand and integrate the system, lowering it into the world of enterprise applications with advanced programming functions.


Through integration with the eFlow BPM solution it is also possible to configure and manage all process of flows documents.

The use of the application can be derived many benefits:

1 . centralization of information;

2 . increased productivity throughout the entire organization;

3 . best quality of work.

The functionalities are grouped in sub – modules:

DCM Manager – Configuration Functions of the documentation system;

DCM Handler – Functions for document management;

DCM Digital Signature– Functions of digital signature;

DCM Optical Repository – Features support for optical storage replacement.


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