E-Flow Mail

This module allows configuring access to mailboxes provided for each institution-office defined in the system. The access to individual mailboxes is done via SMTP, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S to the operations of sending and reading messages in standard formats required by law.


The functionality in this module are typical for e-mail:


  • creation of new mail messages;
  • save the message as a draft;
  • sending messages;
  • reading of incoming messages with a chance to respond or forward the message;
  • deletion of messages;
  • management of deleted mail with the possibility to reactive or delete it permanently.


Additional possibilities, made ​​available by the integration with the other modules, are:

  • a protocol message entry/exit;
  • store a message in the document management (without protocol);
  • reading or Segnatura.xml generation of the attached file containing the data of signature of the document that was sent or received (in the case of an incoming message fields will be automatically enhanced with the read content);
  • automatic management of return messages;
  • message handling:

      –  Confirmation of receipt;

      –  Exception notification;

      –  Update;

      –  Cancellation Protocol.

  • attach a message to a practice.
  • Create a new practice in the face of a message.



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