Renewable Energy

ddcom_fotovoltaicoIntersistemi Italia SpA produces photovoltaic production, from design to maintenance.

The services offered are:

  • estimates and free inspections;
  • authorization practices;
  • design, installation, testing and connecting the plant to the electricity grid;
  • monitoring the production of energy and operating status;
  • maintenance of the plant with thermal inspections, cleaning panels with mechanized system.




Intersistemi, thanks to the control room and monitoring, is able to analyze and convey information from sites managed and operate the services most appropriate.


A team of staff present in Lazio, Tuscany, Apulia and Veneto is able to satisfy the most diverse needs and technological infrastructure.

Intersistemi relies on the operating structure DDCOM srl, a subsidiary of Intersistemi, which can count on staff with decades of experience in the field of photovoltaic.

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