ICT Business Security

ICT Security

Active in the field of computer security and data protection, the parent company strengthened its organization in 2012 with the acquisition of a Competence Center dedicated to computer security, which carries out specialist advice in the areas of design, implementation and maintenance of systems and solutions designed to protect data and to the government of the processes of corporate security.




  • Security Assessment Services, Architectural Review of Security, Audit Security Policies, Penetration Testing and Source Code in accordance with auditing standards and best practices established in the world of Information Security.

  • Support Services Compliance through auditing processes or specialist support to identify the organizational and technological gap regard to the reference standards (eg. PCI-DSS, Privacy Measures, ISO: 27001, Model 231, the Workers’ Statute, etc…).

  • Services of analysis of security events aimed at reverse engineering of cyber-attacks, malware analysis, audit logs, detection of attack scenarios or patterns of fraud.

  • Design and construction of infrastructure for protection from data and applications, and full visibility of data streams managed (File Access Monitoring & Data Classification, Web Application Security, Database Protection, Advanced Threat Protection).

  • Design and implementation of platforms for intelligent analysis of massive data coming from heterogeneous sources (Security Information & Event Management, Business Intelligence, Web Fraud Management).

  • Design and implementation of platform development of security-oriented Mail and Navigation users (Email Security, Email Encryption, Web Security, etc…).

  • Support the engineering of innovative services as part of the Information Security.

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