inMEDIA technologies

inMEDIA technologies is a company founded in 2008 that operates in the field of multimedia communication and management of information and data, by providing solutions and services for its target markets.

The company mission is “delivering communications projects and customized multimedia information through the use of the best technologies on the market”.

Over the years, the inMEDIA technologies team has gained considerable experience in areas such as public administration, banking, commerce, mobility and security in relation to the implementation of projects, specific solutions and services for their customers.

The experience gained in industrial design regards the entirety of knowledge, actions, methodologies and tools aimed towards the final construction of equipment related to the world of telecommunications (voice and data).

inMEDIA technologies is located in Rome, and operates throughout the nation.

Its operational references are: transports, mobility, banking and retail.

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inMEDIA technologies srl

P.IVA/CF: 10233401008

Sede legale:

Via dei Galla e Sidama, 23 – 00199 Roma

+39.06.899.249.00 Fax +39.06.899.249.50

Sede operativa:

Via del Forte Tiburtino, 120/160 – 00159 Roma



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