Intersistemi Italia

Intersistemi Italia SpA is a company that has been operating since the 1980’s in the area of information technology. Its staff is composed of highly qualified specialists in both traditional and innovative information technologies.

Its staff is composed of highly qualified specialists in both traditional and innovative information technologies.

The head office is in Rome, but the company operates throughout Italy and abroad. The territorial coverage in Italy is guaranteed by the presence of branches in Florence, Terni and Padua.

In the course of these years of solid experience, Intersistemi has distinguished itself by its constant attention to the rapid evolution of technology and market needs.

This company, in fact, has always been sensitive to emerging trends and the changing requirements in terms of rapidity in the continuous evolution and efficiency of IT, communications development, importance of Internet world and the pattern of “geographical location” which is increasingly pervading the digital management of information, in renewable energy development.

A further strength of Intersistemi is the ability to respond to the customer’s needs.

The approach to the solutions has always been marked by great attention to the quality of the product or service provided.

Intersistemi has maintained this quality system and, for this reason, it is one of the most important IT companies in Italy.

The company has been working with Microsoft and has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for over ten years. Its staff, highly specialized, boats of certification as, for example, Cisco and VMWare.

Furthermore, thanks to Geosystems, Intersistemi has been certified for over twenty years the Business Partner of ESRI Italy, a certification that attests its high degree of expertise and experience in the field of computer science applied to the territorial area.

Its operational references are: local governments, companies both medium and large, both public and private, and also national and international public organizations such as healthcare companies, bank institutes, transport and insurance agencies, educational institutions, ICT services and industry.


ISO 9001:2015 – sectors EA 29 a ; 33 ; 35

  • Design and production of software. Supply of IT services. Sale of Hardware and Software products

ISO 27001: 2005 – Supply of IT Services

ISO 20000-1: 2011 – Management, maintenance and running of computer frameworks, workstations management, help desk and second level assistance


Intersistemi Italia Spa

Via dei Galla e Sidama, 23 – 00199 Roma

+39.06.899.249.00 Fax +39.06.899.249.50


The branches


Via del Forte Tiburtino, 120/160 – 00159

+39.06.899.249.00 Fax +39.06.999.284.23


Via delle Portelle, 10 – 05100

+39.0744.203.548 Fax +39.0744.203.444


Via D. Cimarosa, 4 – 20144

+39 Fax +39



Via Atto Vannucci, 7 – 50134

+ Fax +


Viale del’Industria, 23 – 35129

+39.049.981.48.52 Fax +39.049.981.68.78


Via Carlo Bacco, 5 – 09030 Elmas (CA)

+39 Fax +39



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