Organization Manager

eflow_organization managerThe Organization Manager is a tool that allows you to manage the organizational structure, user profiles, and access to the different modules of the package E-Flow. Available in both client / server mode on Microsoft systems in web mode is a necessary tool to the system configuration.

The main functions are:

  • definition of a hierarchical organizational structure;
  • defining users and their place in the organizational structure;
  • historicizing of a unit’s organizational structure;
  • historicizing of a user; 
  • Importing Windows domain users via LDAP; 
  • definition of user groups; 
  • Importing groups of windows domain via LDAP; 
  • definition of qualifications to be given to the users; 
  • definition of basketball practice;
  • definition of access permissions:
    - Modules available as icons on the desktop (eFlow ProtPA, eFlow Handler, etc.).

    - Menu items of the individual modules and any options;

    - Protocol logs;

    - Types of proceedings;

    - Any additional tools on the desktop (eg, post-it).

Through integration with LDAP users and groups, you can use a Windows domain users directly within the application allowing simplified management of users and permissions.


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