The policy company contact (called in Italian RAP-Referente Aziendale per la Privacy) is a new professional figure from the Community rules, implemented later in Italian law.
This figure serves as a link between the various corporate structures, providing advice and clarification on privacy, and ensures the promotion of a culture of confidentiality within the company and in the context of users that turns to our services.

Our Privacy Policy

The owner of treatment is responsible for decisions regarding the purposes and methods of the processing of personal data and organizational measures used in the field of privacy, including the security profile. He employs the company contact policy to coordinate the activities of privacy protection. His profile is purely functional, both in terms of privacy protection and in terms of data security.

The referent of Privacy

The policy company contact is responsible for the processing, delegated by the owner to coordinate actions directed at protecting privacy and confirm the adoption of security measures in the treatment of personal data.

The administrators are identified among the subjects that for experience, capability and reliability, can ensure full compliance with current provisions regarding the protection of privacy, including the security profile.

All privacy measurements are contained in a special document regularly updated.



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