Project Management

Intersistemi Group is an organization, which is strongly project oriented and which can rely on the expertise of qualified resources with proven long-term international experience, and now working alongside with its biggest customers.

Due to significant experience in project and program management, Intersistemi Group can now effectively support its customers on the governance activities of complex ICT projects.



Program, Portfolio e Demand Management

  • Centralized management of one or more portfolios of programs and projects.

  • Identification and qualifying of the demand (need) priority management, definition and management of authorization processes and proactive monitoring of the progress of projects and programs.

Bid Management

  • Analysis of economic sustainability of Bid with evaluation of costs and benefits. 
  • Risk analysis and evaluation of counter-measures and economic value of the risk budget.
  • Definition of specific requirements of solution at multiple level of detail, whenever required.
  • Drafting of technical and economic Bid. 

Project Management

  • Complete projects or specific tasks in each Knowledge Areas of PMBOK (Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement);
  • Temporary Management.

Resource Management

  • Operative resources management.
  • Individual and collective training and tutoring in each of the PMBOK Knowledge Area.
  • Recruitment and staff development. 

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