ramaniGeoRamani (“Ramani” means “Map” in Swahili) is a framework made by Geosystems for the production of WebGIS applications to consult geographic and alphanumeric data.

GeoRamani is based on open-source technology.It is a database and client’s platform independent; compatible with all major browsers, it accepts and integrates data from multiple sources without the need of converting or adapting data. It finally provides the realisation with a single software multiple Web or Intranet applications distributable without licensing requirements.



  • It provides the opportunity to view all the information of an institution or a public administration through variously composed maps.

  • It uses proprietary data combined with other data made available on the Web by other public administrations, organizations, associations and companies.

  • It reads and compares data in an integrated manner from various sources.

  • It produces specialized vertical applications.

Its application fields are: Geology and Environment, Cultural Heritage, Land Registry, Geo-marketing, Civil Protection, Technological Networks, Transportation Infrastructure, Geographical Information Systems of central and local government, Cultural Tourism, Urban planning.

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