System integrator networking, ICT


This area is developed with the long time experience of DDCOM in the networking and infrastructures field; there are numerous references and merits achieved in the implementation of networks, both at international and national level; DDCOM is working with the design and construction of data centers, evolved electrical systems, video surveillance and intruder IP systems, photovoltaic systems and telecommunications network of access and transport.


  • IT Networking Solutions
    • Feasibility studies
    • Executive projects supported by surveys and field trials
    • Analysis and setting of existing systems 
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless networks (WiFi, HyperLan, WiMax)
  • Supply and configuration of active Network equipment
  • SIT-ICT2Structured Cabling Systems
  • Green Data Center
  • Fiber optic networks with fusion splices
  • VOIP phone
  • Microwave Security systems, Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • OTDR certification for fiber optic
  • CCTV and Anti-intrusion Full-IP systems


ISO 9001:2008 – sectors EA 28

Design and installation of intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, data and voice transmission systems, electrical, photovoltaic and conditioning systems. Design and construction of data centers.

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