Xmarc Technology provides a suite of spatially enabling information system products and functionality.  The suite has dynamically evolved and matured from a core of 3-D automated design tools and carved a successful niche in provision of GIS modeling, analysis and visualization.




  • Fire Development and Run time System, part of the Fire package: facilitates
  • user-written client-side Fire applications. 
  • ES API, part of the ESM package: facilitates user-written client-side spatial applications,via Java or Fire. 
  • ES Administration, part of the ESM package: administers spatial meta-data schemas.


Middleware Products (part of the Service Manager package)

  • Web Servlet: provides administration of the Service Broker, including the launching and terminating of services via Service Agents. 
  • Web Servlet: relays requests from clients to services. 
  • Java executable: launches and terminates services on its host machine and marshals messages to the Service Manager.


Server-side Products

  • C++ executables, part of the Fire package: provides SQL access to 3rd party databases. 
  • C++ executables, part of the Fire package: provides conversions from 3rd party vector graphics. 
  • Fire Service Framework, part of the Fire package: enables user-written server-side Fire applications to service client requests across the web. 
  • ES Knowledge Service, part of the ESM package: publishes spatial meta-data to client applications. 
  • Collaborative Messaging Tool: live data-sharing between Fire clients.

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